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Home Office Makeover: 7 Ways To Make Your Space Look Professional

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Do you remember those simpler times when we used to travel miles to reach your office? Driving, catching the bus/metro, or walking (for those lucky few) was tiring and therapeutic at the same time. But the pandemic has changed a lot of things in our lives as we knew it- including workplaces. 

Remote working has been gaining popularity even before the pandemic started. However, most of us have switched to remote working out of necessity over these past two years, morphing our homes into temporary office spaces. Whether you have dedicated a whole room, your living room, dining room, or a corner of your bedroom as an office space, setting up the space right will help you concentrate on your work, while feeling right at home- in your workspace! From keeping your desk organized to adding stunning wall art on your background wall (to make your zoom calls interesting), here are some tips and tricks from our interior experts to set up your home office right to help you keep your space professional and stylish.

  • Choose the chair and desk
  • One of the most basic things you need to work from home without unwanted distractions is to have the right chair and desk space. Buying an ergonomic office chair for your home office is a practical way to feel comfortable enough to concentrate at work. Your work chair must be a soft and upholstered armchair that is comfortable enough to move around, get in and out all day long. When it comes to your work desk, ensure that it is a flat surface that can hold your laptop/desktop at eye level so that you don’t have to strain yourself while looking at the screen. This means that, if your dining table is not working well as an office desk, it is time to invest in a dedicated work desk.

  • Paint the walls in hues you love
  • One way to make you feel comfortable enough to concentrate on work is to paint the walls around you in a color that can keep your spirits up. Surrounding yourself in a room painted in colors that can truly uplift you will work wonders for your workday. Remember that this varies from person to person. While some people find shades of blue or grey calming, others find yellow to be a more pleasant color for them to be around and stay upbeat. Paint your walls in a hue you love and keep yourself energetic all day long.

  • Accessorise and organise
  • Whether you plan to work from your home office for a long time or a short while, accessorizing and organizing your desk is a great way to stay connected with your work. Nowadays, most people have paperless work, keeping their documents strictly digital. Even so, there are small desk elements that can make or break your workstation. If you used to have desk accessories - like your favorite coffee mug waiting on your desk, a table lamp for those late nights, or a picture of your loved ones - set up right next to your PC/laptop, ensure that you have them at your home workspace as well. Elements like these may seem insignificant but will have a positive impact on your work life.

  • Show some love to your walls
  • More often than not, people leave the walls behind their workstations bare, thinking that it is more professional that way. However, it is not true. Keeping your walls around your workspace interesting will not distract you. On the other hand, having decor elements like a stunning handmade canvas painting or a limited edition canvas print can act as something that brings you back into the zone when you start getting distracted. Abstract paintings and prints are wonderful wall art elements that are commonly used to improve the dynamics of a workspace. Introducing a fun wall art to your background wall may also kick start interesting conversations during zoom calls with your boss/colleagues, making work-from-homes feel less tedious.

  • A mini forest to boost your mood
  • Adding some green foliage around your home office can also look good and keep you refreshed all day long. Mini potted plants, especially low maintenance succulents help keep your surroundings lively, without leading to unnecessary distractions. Having a few potted plants around your workstation will give you a chance (and a reason) to take a break from work, water them and get your green thumb to work.

  • Improve the storage capabilities
  • Storage is a major issue for many, especially for those living in studio apartments. So, when it comes to setting up a workspace for yourself, ensure that you have enough storage space or additional storage options to keep away anything and everything that is not conducive for your work out of sight. Keeping your surroundings tidy is a game changer to maintaining a productive workstation at home.

  • Make the most of your space
  • Not everyone can afford to have a dedicated office space while working remotely. However, this doesn’t mean that they need to compromise on having a comfortable workstation. Even if you are turning a corner of your bedroom or living room into a temporary home office, a few small tweaks can make a huge difference. Invest in a comfortable chair, table lamp, notepad, and a pen holder for your desk and simple wall art for your background wall as a start. These small, but well-thought-out decor elements can work wonders for your morale and keep you in your “work zone” during office hours.

    Wall art for your home office

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