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4 Simple Tips To Keep Your Luxury Canvas Prints Shining For Years

Luxury canvas prints

Luxury canvas prints are classy, elegant and a great way to display your favourite art without bearing the cost of an arm and leg. Using quality materials that ensure vibrant prints that look nothing short of the original, our luxury canvas prints are the right fit for your home.

Most people shy away from investing in a canvas print as they believe that the prints lose their shine and quality very soon. However, this is not entirely true. Like any piece of art, your canvas prints also need proper maintenance in order for them to look wonderful and vivid. So in this blog, we share some simple tips to keep your luxury canvas prints beautiful and shining for years.

  • Keep the prints AWAY from sunlight
  • Similar to canvas paintings, direct sunlight is a big no-no for your canvas prints. While we advise you to hang your prints in a well-lit area of your home, it is best if you avoid locations where sunlight falls. If your prints are in a place where they receive direct sunlight every day, the prints will fade over time. Although most canvas prints are sprayed with a UV-resistant coating, continuous exposure to direct sunlight can still bring some damage to your art in a few years.

  • Choose a COOL and DRY spot
  • When hanging your canvas print, choose a place that is cool and dry and tends to stay that way throughout the day. These conditions will ensure that the prints stay beautiful for years without any signs of damage. This is because heat and moisture can stretch your canvas or cause mould to form on it over time.

    The best place to hang your canvas prints is your living room (but away from windows), hallways and bedrooms. Places like bathrooms, kitchen and basements must be avoided as these are places that generate a lot of moisture and experience temperature fluctuations. 

  • DUST or DAB to clean
  • Canvas prints do collect dust like all other furniture and decors in your home. Especially in a country like the UAE, fine dust gets everywhere. However fine the dust is or not, never clean the surface of the canvas with your hands or nails as these can scratch the print. Always use a feather duster to remove dust from the canvas surface. If your print needs a little more cleaning, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to gently dab at the dirt in circular motion. Ensure that the cloth is not dripping wet as it can cause moisture to build upon the canvas.

    Even if a damp cloth is not able to entirely clean the print, never use chemical cleaners on the canvas. Chemical cleaners may strip away the ink and smudge your prints, leaving them irreparable. If your print has a speck of impossible dirt that requires deep cleaning, take it to a trusted professional cleaner who has the right tools and materials to clean your precious canvas print.

  • STORE the prints carefully
  • If you wish to put away some canvas prints seasonally to display others or if you are moving homes and need to transport your prints, storing them the right way will ensure zero damage to the art. However, remember to use acid-free paper and materials to pack and store your luxury canvas prints to avoid yellowing of the canvas over time.

    Once again choose a cool and dry room in your home or a temperature-controlled storage unit to store the prints and avoid damage from heat and humidity.


    Luxury canvas prints are undoubtedly unique and exquisite. By following these simple steps, you can prolong the life of your treasured prints and enjoy them for a lifetime. If you are looking for custom prints featuring your favourite portrait, scenery or abstract art, contact us today to get a quote. You can also browse our collection to find limited edition canvas prints for your home.

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